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Ohm Science Handcrafted Coils Box (5 in 1)

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Ohm Science Handcrafted Coils 5 in 1

Take your RBA to the next level with these professionally crafted Nichrome 80 coils from Ohm Science. Comes with 2 coils per design. (10 total)  

For Use With Rebuildables Only!

White Edition Package Includes:

2x Alien 3-26/36 0.2ohm
2x Framed Staple Alien 2-26/4-.4*.1/36 0.23ohm
2x Framed Staple 2-26/4-.4*.1/36 0.21ohm
2x Tricore Fused Clapton 3-26/36 0.22ohm
2x Staged Fused Clapton 3-28/36 0.26ohm

Black Edition Package Includes:

2x Tri-Core Fused Clapton 3-28/36 0.16ohm
2x Staple Alien 8-0.3*.1/36 0.13ohm
2x Alien 3-28/36 0.15ohm
2x Fused Clapton 2-24/36 0.12ohm
2x Framed Staple Alien 2-28/4-.3*1/36 0.14ohm