Nitecore UM20

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The UM20 is compatible with Li-ion and IMR cylindrical rechargeable batteries only. Intelligent charging circuitry selects the optimal charging mode (CC, CV and dV/dt) for a given battery and each of the UM20’s two microcomputer-controlled charging slots then monitors and charges the battery independently.An integrated digital LCD screen clearly displays charging progress while an intelligent automatic power-off function terminates current when charging is complete.USB output charging and data transfer lets you work or charge your phone and battery at the same time, perfect for travellers working on laptops and at charging stations. A rear USB cable winder keeps everything neat and tidy.

Equipped with Integrated intelligent power management system, USB powered UM20 automatically selects charging current based on battery capacity witch enables one charger for multiple capacities.NL189 3400mAh 18650 li-ion battery is a high performance rechargeable battery from Nitecore with 62% more capacity than typical 18650 battery.
  • Features
    • USB powered Li-ion battery charger
    • High definition LCD displays real time charging status
    • Features USB output charging
    • Integrated intelligent power management system
    • Intelligently detects input power
    • Intelligently distributes charging power
    • Priority Mode offers either battery or USB charging
    • Enables data transfer via USB
    • Features optimized charging program for IMR batteries
    • Intelligently selects charging current based on battery capacity
    • Features rear USB cable winder
    • Constructed from fire retardant materials
    • Features reverse polarity protection
    • Designed for optimal heat dissipation
    • Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and CEC