HohmTech Hohm School Battery Charger (2-Slot)

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HohmTech Hohm School Battery Charger (2-Slot)

An intelligent, no-fuss battery charger built specifically for maximum battery optimization. 

Dual charging bays with independent chips are capable of managing multiple battery types/sizes. 

Quick 2A charging. LED lights display charge status. 

Automatically shifts amperage output to accommodate various battery cells and sizes. 

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Features and Specifications:

  • Advanced battery length detection system
  • Smart input voltage regulator 
  • BLDS system accommodates different battery cell lengths and sizes
  • OV activation enabled at 0.5A (effectively charges old and dead batteries)
  • LED light indicators display charging status
  • Charges PCB/PCM batteries
  • Non ABS fire-retardant construction 
  • Features all standard protection features (wrong battery, over charge, short circuit, etc).


Package Includes:

1x Hohm School Battery Charger (2-Slot)
1x User Manual