Hellvape Dead Rabbit Challenge Top Caps 24mm

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Hellvape Dead Rabbit Challenge Top Caps 24mm

Hellvape Dead Rabbit Challenge Cap is a 24mm diameter top cap compatible with the 24mm Dead Rabbit deck. The Challenge cap adopts direct to coil wide open airflow and Cloud focused one piece design. It has a knurled 810 drip tip and resin 810 drip tip. Special graphic logos, such as Priest or Butcher feature a Celtic cross or crossed butcher's knifes respectively, are available.  

Features and Specification:
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Drip tip: 810 drip tip
  • Material: T2 Copper Naval Brass Stainless Steel 
  • Direct to coil wide open airflow
  • "Cloud focused" one piece design
  • Fits all existing 24mm dead rabbit decks
  • Pairs great with mechanical tube mods
  • Color and type: Brass Butcher; Copper Priest, Stainless Steel Priest, Stainless Steel Butcher, Black Priest, Black Butcher


Box Contents:
1x Challenge Cap (knurled 810 drip tip + top cap)
1x Extra resin 810 drip tip