asMODus D500-TY Battery Analyzer and Charger (1 Slot)

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AsMODus Battery Analyzer and Charger D500-TY

AsMODus has provided a one stop solution to battery testing and charging with their new D500-TY Battery Analyzer. Featuring a plethora of testing features such as battery resistance and battery capacity detection you'll know exactly whats going on with your batteries. With a max battery voltage capacity of 4.2V this battery analyzer can test any battery on the market and display the results with respectable accuracy.


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Features and Specifications:

  • Maximum Output Current Detection 
  • Battery Capacity Detection
  • Battery Resistance Detection
  • Battery Charge Function
  • Maximum Input Current: 40.0A
  • Maximum Capacity: 99999 mAh
  • Maximum Internal Resistance: 999.9 mΩ
  • Max Charge Current: 2.0A
  • Power Supply: 12V/ 1.25A
  • Max Battery Voltage: 4.2V

Package Includes:

1x Asmodus D500-TY Battery Analyzer
1x 12V AC Power Cord